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'Thanks for the work you put in. It certainly seems to have unblocked something, and despite all the extraneous stuff going on I passed my exam, and got a merit! Which makes me realise that it's counterproductive to worry. I'm now playing different things, enjoying playing music I've loved in the past and taking on the challenge of playing it better.'
'I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have been doing really well since our session and am very much looking forward to our next. I am so grateful to you as my anxiety seems to be significantly reduced!'
  •  Reduce tension and anxiety
  •  Trust your technique
  •  Achieve your potential
  •  Tap into limitless confidence
  •  Perform with poise
  •  Enjoy the preparation
  •  Surprise yourself!

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'Liz is extremely warm and approachable. Within a short time my anxiety dropped dramatically and I was able to enjoy playing on a completely different level. thank you!'


'Come to the edge.' 'We can't. We're afraid.' 'Come to the edge.' 'We can't. We will fall!' 'Come to the edge.' And they came. And she pushed them. And they flew.
Flying high
'When I came to see Liz I had been having trouble keeping calm whilst performing. I saw your website and it seemed to directly address my problem, and in a much more intelligent sort of way. Having subsequently watched and listened to you playing, I decided you were a very good advertisement for what you were prescribing. I didn't know what to expect when I came to see you, and whilst the whole experience was very relaxing, I have to say that something seemed to work, because afterwards I played ten performances in all without a hitch. I managed to carry it off and the shaking hand problem didn't manifest itself. Have I been 'cured'? I don't know, but I have certainly made a very big step in the right direction!'
'Following two long days in the recording studio which tested my stamina and stress-levels to the limit, I started experiencing discomfort in my right wrist. I knew something wasn't right but couldn't tell exactly what. I had pain in my wrist, thumb and elbow. I turned to Liz, who had helped me a couple of years previously to an amazingly quick recovery. Liz works holistically, so I could be sure that my wrist pain might have something to do with something else in my body or mind! You never know quite what to expect from a treatment, but I have been astonished by the quick results. After just one session, my wrist felt as good as new, and I was back to practising the piano with confidence.'
'I am a professional pianist and booked an appointment with Liz in the hope that I would regain a fuller range of movement after I fractured a shoulder in a road accident twelve months previously. Liz is focused, thorough, intuitive, good-humoured and highly skilled in her approach. After just one session, my range of motion increased to such an extent that another professional was amazed. Liz's approach is truly holistic, and her processes of getting to the causes of problems are succinct and remarkable. I had long since been aware of the fundamental mind-body connection when it comes to physical dis-ease, but I had not expected that dealing with the particular imbalances that surfaced would effect such dramatic and lasting change. Liz appears genuinely committed to healing, and she has a rare gift when it comes to working with deeply personal issues with immense tact, respect and gentleness. I highly recommend her unique combination of therapies, and urge musicians in particular to seek her out with an open mind, as I too have discovered in my musical work that all kinds of technical difficulties and performance-related issues, both mental and physical, can result from deeply held, habitual thought patterns and tendencies which can be rebalanced and overcome.'
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'Fascinating and incredible! Arrived feeling anxious and achieved a sense of freedom and enjoyment by the end of the session.'
(3 gigs after only 2 MBM sessions) 'Before having my sessions with Liz, I would have fretted about these for a few days beforehand, been tense and fearful at the time and full of self-criticism afterwards. As it was, I arrived at the gigs feeling reasonably relaxed with only a slight tension at the start. I went there to enjoy myself and to relish doing that which I love doing, which is playing jazz guitar. Of course, none of these events went 'perfectly', but, crucially, this was no longer the issue. I had fun and I received numerous compliments for my playing. Thank you Liz, it really does work!'
'Thank you very much for yesterday. It was such a great session. I was like an excited child when I got home because I felt like I had had a breakthrough.'
'Amazing insights. Burst of energy flow in my arms and relief of pain in my hands. Wonderful. Thank you for helping me move on from my last year of illness.'
'I have felt more positive, energised and less anxious. I found out a lot about myself and Liz helped me work through these issues I had failed to deal with in the past which were holding me back. And that has helped me to gain in confidence and also put an end to my constant worrying. I highly recommend Liz as a wonderful coach: kind, understanding and easy to talk to. I'm not sure I could have managed my return to work without the benefits of these sessions.'
'I feel lighter in body and with far better rotation without pain in my neck. A very interesting taster into the effects of Kinesiology. A lovely person in herself, sensitive and caring and very knowledgeable about her subject.'

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'I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have been doing really well since our session and am very much looking forward to our next. I am so grateful to you as my anxiety seems to be significantly reduced!' SJ


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