Blocked Potential

Recognize any of these?

  •  Performance anxiety
  •  Stubborn blocks in technique
  •  Lack of accuracy
  •  Faults not corrected by practice
  •  Putting off practice
  •  Over-concern with technique
  •  Habitual disappointment
  •  Repetitive strain
  •  Low motivation
  •  Poor focus
  •  Disconnection with the music
  •  Constant worry
  •  Lethargy and low energy
  •  Lack of expressive quality
Wrong Notes

Or these?

  •  Difficulties in grasping rhythms
  •  Problems in sight reading
  •  Having to be perfect
  •  General anxiety
  •  Lack of self-confidence
  •  Comparing self to others
  •  Fear of competition
  •  'Nerves' are the norm
  •  Frustration
  •  Body tension
  •  Feeling like a fraud
  •  Fear of making mistakes
  •  Losing your place
  •  Never good enough
  •  Having to please others
Take a bow
Feeling stuck in your practice?
Ready to move forward?

'Every illness is a musical problem - the healing, a musical solution.'

Overcoming Blocks to Performance

Buddha Mind

Stage fright may be at the very top of the list of challenges that performing artists face. Yet if you begin to look beyond the fear of performing in front of others, you are likely to find any number of other worries and thoughts which underpin and 'nourish' that fear.

'Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.'

Henry Ford

The inner critic

Have you ever noticed a nagging voice in your head? You know, the one which constantly berates you for getting things wrongs, being rubbish, not being good enough, not being Perfect. This is your inner critic. The fact is that you will never be good enough to please your inner critic. No one on earth can live up to that level of perfection.
Will you, ever?

Truth or fiction?

Here are some examples of the kind of thoughts the inner critic projects, which 'lie' at the root of problems such as stage fright as well as other blocks to achieving your potential. You may recognize some of them, whilst others may be 'running' in the background without your full awareness:

  •  'I'm a nervous wreck when I have to perform'
  •  'I have no confidence in myself'
  •  'I always fail'
  •  'I'll never be better than this'
  •  'It has to be absolutely perfect'
  •  'I'll look stupid'
  •  'What's the point of trying?'
  •  'I can't perform in front of other people'
  •  'They won't like me'
  •  'I feel like a fraud'
  •  'I'm bound to get it wrong'
  •  'I can't ever succeed'
  •  'I can't...'
  • What's your mantra?
Sounds familiar?

Mindful or mind-full?

When you become mindful of the habitual thoughts which run through your mind, you will begin to understand how these same attitudes shape your every experience. With greater mindfulness of your own thoughts and feelings comes an essential ability to discern which of those thoughts lift you up and which ones weigh you down or keep you trapped in reactions you have no control over, such as performance anxiety and other blocks to success. The key to overcoming these blocks, whether in performance or other areas life, is about realizing that connection and changing your perspective.

Your potential for excellence

When you free yourself from the illusion of Perfection, you open yourself up to the real potential for Excellence in your practice, your performance or any aspect of life to which you want to apply your talents and skills. You may not know it yet, but you are very probably capable of much more than you think you are. If you can relate to any of those criticizing thoughts and beliefs that limit your potential, then you also have the potential to change them!

'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.'

Albert Einstein

Friends and allies

It's not always easy to overcome long-standing blocks on your own. Sometimes it's difficult to believe that positive change is even possible if you've been feeling stuck for a long time. But it is, always, when you choose to change.

Sometimes it just takes one step in the right direction for your whole life experience to change.

Can you imagine being free of that old inner critic constantly putting you down? Can you possibly imagine a new voice emerging - your Best Friend and Ally - supporting you with kind, positive and objective thoughts full of many creative ideas for change and improvement?

That's your Potential. Listen to it and dare to step beyond the ordinary...

My unique holistic approach aims to help you rapidly transform those thoughts, feelings and behaviours which block you from achieving your fuller potential as a musician or performer. Sessions are made to measure to help you make progress right from the outset in a way which can work for you.

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'I have felt more positive, energised and less anxious. I found out a lot about myself and discovered hidden emotions I had failed to deal with in the past which were holding me back. Liz helped me work through these issues and that has helped me to gain in confidence and also put an end to my constant worrying. I highly recommend Liz as a wonderful coach; kind, understanding and easy to talk to.' HB


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