This contents of this website are for information purposes only, and constitute accounts and information based on experience over many years with many hundreds of clients. I do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat any medical conditions. Please contact your doctor in the first instance should you need medical attention.

However, it is my opinion that positive change is always possible. Years of experience together with heaps of anecdotal evidence with my clients are witness to this. What may constitute change for the better is ultimately dependent on each individual. But it is when you become aware of all the options for eliciting change and enabling progress, that you are better able to make your own choices and create postitive change in yourself.

My holistic approach can easily complement any other approaches you wish to combine with it. My view remains that it is only when the whole person is taken into account that real and lasting change may be achieved.

'Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.'

William Shakespeare

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Founder, therapist, coach and musician, Liz brings her skills and many years experience to help you explore and express your hidden potential.



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'I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have been doing really well since our session and am very much looking forward to our next. I am so grateful to you as my anxiety seems to be significantly reduced!' SJ


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