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'I don't pamper my voice. It's part of my body. If my body is rested and healthy, my voice is rested and healthy.'

Neil Diamond

Your body is your instrument

Singing is physically demanding. Your body creates sound which is dependent, not least, on your ability to breathe correctly, your posture, a clear passage for air through your vocal cords and enough vital energy to sustain the sound as well as the performance. It is clear then that keeping physically fit and healthy will not only give you more energy, but that this essential vitality will naturally be reflected in your voice.

If you are experiencing any physical vocal problems, be sure to get them checked out with your doctor first. At Mind Body Music I focus on an holistic approach to vocal issues which aims to resolve the source of the problem. It is complementary to allopathic treatment and works in conjuction with any singing lessons you may be having.

Some examples of the kind of vocal issues I have helped clients with:

  •  Throat irritation
  •  Reflex laryngitis
  •  Tone production
  •  Quality of voice
  •  Quality of breathing
  •  Low energy
  •  Hidden dehydration
  •  Sinusitis
  •  Prevention of coughs & colds
  •  Allergies and sensitivities affecting airways
  •  Stopping smoking
  •  Individual stress factors

As a musician, your state of wellness on a physical, emotional and psychological level will influence the way you practice and perform, whether you perform publicly, for friends and family or play an instrument just for your own enjoyment. And whether you are aware of it, or not. If you want to improve your technique or performance it is essential to develop an holistic awareness of what is happening when you practice or perform in order to gain insight into how different factors affect your performance for the better, or worse.

My unique holistic approach works with both body and mind to help you identify and transform those factors which limit your potential so that you can feel and perform at your very best.

Stress and the Voice

I work with applied kinesiology to identify and resolve issues affecting vocal performance. Stress events which affect the voice can be physical as well as psychological or emotional in origin. Kinesiology is a succint means to identify the root causes of stress as well as to restore balance and promote good health and well being.

'The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.'
Arvo Pärt

My approach can help you with:

  •  Stage fright
  •  Audition pressure
  •  Performance anxiety
  •  Exam stress
  •  Improvising under pressure
  •  Learning & memorizing
  •  Co-ordination of breath and rhythm

Or help you deal more effectively with:

  •  Releasing physical tension
  •  Vocal strain
  •  Transition/passagio
  •  Vocal range
  •  Refining timbre of voice
  •  Identifying dietary factors

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